You Can Now Get Game Of Thrones Sex Toys

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows to ever hit our screens and now there’s even dragon-themed sex toys to keep you going until the next season drops.

Well, of course there is, there’s already the books, clothing, games, even action figures, so why not a whole host of themed sex toys – including a dildo that looks like Jon Snow’s sword and all just in time to really get the goods for your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

Since Kit Harington was taken off the market when he married Rose Leslie, the ‘Game of Moans – Long Shaft’ – yes, that’s really its name – can play well as a good substitute.

'Long Shaft'. Credit: GeekySexToys
‘Long Shaft’. Credit: GeekySexToys

The description reads: “Have you been dreaming of a long, thick shaft? Than this dildo sword will fulfil your fantasy. You know nothin until you have experienced orgasmic sensations with this dildo sword.

“The sword’s hilt also allows for maximum penetration and pleasure.”

Of course, at $149 (£114), it’s not exactly the cheapest gift ever but you can’t put a price on happiness.Dragon Egg Vibrator Container. Credit: Geeky Sex Toys
Dragon Egg Vibrator Container. Credit: Geeky Sex Toys

Found alongside the dildo on Geeky Sex Toys, there’s the ‘Dragon Egg Vibrator Container’ – which includes a vibrator. To be fair, on first inspection these could easily pass for bedroom ornaments so if discretion is your thing – look no further.

Probably one of the strangest things has got to be the ‘Dragon Dildos’ – then again, we don’t judge, and they do come in a variety of colours.

Dragon Dildo. Credit: Bad Dragon
Dragon Dildo. Credit: Bad Dragon

These ones come from Bad Dragon, an online website dedicated entirely to dragon-themed sex toys – because, why not?

If you fancy yourself the queen of your bedroom on the run up to Valentine’s Day the Khaleesi Lingerie’ is clearly a must.

'Hodorable' Thong. Credit: Etsy
‘Hodorable’ Thong. Credit: Etsy

But if $155 (£120) is a wee bit out of your price range, a $4 (£3.10) thong with ‘You are Hodorable‘ on it may be a better way to go.

If you’re dire to get daring, the Direwolf-looking tail butt plug could be your way of getting wild in the bedroom.

Direwolf 'tail'. Credit: Etsy
Direwolf ‘tail’. Credit: Etsy

So, for all those Game of Thrones fans, the action doesn’t just have to be on the screen and can carry on into the bedroom.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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